• Kim!

So close!

I'm now in the final throws of my Fine Art degree and it's getting just a little bit tense now, as i'm starting to pull everything together into some sort of a coherent package. My pile of paper from research and from preliminary planning works needs sorting out and then I can properly panic about whether I've done enough.

I did completely underestimate the amount of headspace this year would take up and i feel like i've been thinking, planning and waiting for my brain to kick into it's creative mode continuously! There were many many times of doubt particularly about whether I had the time (in amongst the high level of responsibility I have at home), and whether my work was in fact good enough and deserving enough to scrape through. Of course the answer is that yes it is, and i do absolutely deserve this, because I have worked really hard, learned loads, and adapted my work so much - particularly over the last year of this degree, from it's photographic beginnings to what I find myself creating now; still with it's roots within photography but, evolved.. just a little. I've discovered some amazing artists such as Tacita Dean, and Thomas Joshua Cooper, and of course I can't avoid mentioning the Japanese aesthetic; whose principles I find just tantalisingly familiar.

For the first time, I'm a little excited and confident (now) about A.D. (after degree) and am looking forward to seeing exactly what I can do, how my work could develop and where I can go from here.

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