A small seed is planted somewhere beneath our feet, and engages with an abundance of goodness to begin it’s journey northwards, to yield a life of selflessness.

Its leaves sheltering and embracing, its trunk homing, warming and comforting, its branches, reaching and whispering in the wind, knots, bumps, twists and turns; every structure different, and so like the human form that it strives to nourish.

Surviving in the harshest of environments quietly and unseeingly reaching into our lives to offer us the luxury of breath, of shade, of strength, of power, of structure, of home, of symbolism, of cures and of beautiful vision.

Leaning and reaching, defying the earth, scrabbling for the richness of our sky to forge oxygen, generously offering it to us to breathe, to embrace our existence and enable us to catch ourselves yawning, and laughing, crying and running.  Drawing a great big deep lung full of purity and essence of spirit.